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ladylavinia in publicxenemies

Bank Robbery Question


One of the bank robberies featured in "PUBLIC ENEMIES" occurred after Dillinger's escape from prison. During this particular robbery, Baby Face Nelson's trigger happy antics led to a deadly shoot-out that left Dillinger slightly wounded and several people dead. Does anyone know where this particular robbery was supposed to take place?


The problem with the movie is that it plays free and easy with the REAL chronology of Dillinger's life.

In March of 1934, both Dillinger and Hamilton were wounded while robbing the First National Bank in Mason City, Iowa. That's the ONLY time that Dillinger was actually wounded during a bank robbery...

As for how it fits with movie-verse is another story...

Sioux Falls, SD. By the timeline of the movie, it would probably have happened in December. In reality it happened in March. Baby Face *did* shoot at a motorcycle cop, just like in the movie.

The movie shows Dillinger getting shot and then Tommy Carroll getting shot. The gang leaves Tommy behind, and Purvis comes to Sioux Falls and they torture Tommy to find out about the hideout at Little Bohemia.

But Dillinger wasn't actually shot in Sioux Falls. He was shot a week later in Mason City, Iowa, as Charlie mentioned.
Thanks for the info.